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Our Services

Whether it is to keep something in or out, beautify your yard, add privacy, or just because you want it; we will build it for you. We provide a multitude of services in the fencing industry. Our #1 goal is to build you something you are proud of.


 We are a professional fencing company who aims to please all our customers.

Being a Christian based company, we strive to change the fencing culture in Colorado Springs and throughout the nation to become a trustworthy and ethically sound company. Countless hours of research, experience, and friendships with many fence companies(Mr.Fence, SWI, Joe Everest, etc.) have given us such knowledge. We are a member of the American Fence Association and we always seek out new and more efficient ways to build fences. We have a 5 year to Lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship, depending on the materials used. 

You’ve never worked with a Contractor like us before!





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